An Athens home showcases dark and moody interiors

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A modern family home with dramatic interiors has been completely transformed by Athens-based design studio Studio Omerta, located in the northern suburbs of Athens, Greece. The home was originally two individual structures and by altering the interiors, the two dwellings were united into one. One large open plan living space was created, harmoniously connecting the living, dining room and kitchen. The main living room features a custom designed metal structure that was created to accent the fireplace. A custom metal mesh was designed to cover the dining room wall, creating a striking focal point to the space. The goal for the interiors was to infuse modern and industrial material elements into a home that is considered traditional. These elements co-exist together in harmony, creating dramatic interiors that are very aesthetically pleasing. There is a lot of energy in this space, with a moody color scheme of grays, beiges, browns and black with pops of gold. Layered textures and materials creates a sense of luxury, with plush velvet, rich woods and matte metals. The finished result is a comfortable family home with mood evoking interiors that feel dark and mysterious yet inviting and fresh.

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What We Love: The living room is very sumptuous, with the dramatic fireplace, comfortable sofas, exquisite coffee table and eye-catching light fixtures, all leaving a lasting impression. The functional zones such as the kitchen and powder bathroom are very interesting how they have been designed in much lighter shades, contrasting with the rest of the decor scheme throughout the home.

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Photos: Courtesy of Studio Omerta

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