Charming stone-clad Spanish home infused with inviting interiors

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This newly designed home in Spain features bright, inviting interior spaces that are infused with warmth and personality, designed by Lizarriturry Tuneu Architects. With sun-kissed rooms, this charming home follows traditional architectural principles, following guidelines of site orientation, locally sourced materials and carefully planned distribution of spaces.  The finished result is a bright, comfortable and naturally well heated and ventilated home.

The exterior walls are clad with stone, while the interiors area a plaster of lime and sand, which gives nice clarity. The ceilings have been clad with wood and finished with wood structural support beams, adding to the charm of this home. Another element sourced to represent the past are the windows and exterior doors, which have profiles of iron and large glass panels. This allows for great transparency and lets in both the light and wonderful views out to the surrounding lush gardens. Living room french doors opens out onto a porch for enjoying cool summer evenings.

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Interiors studio Ester Prat Badia was responsible for infusing the home with warmth. The designers selected a neutral base with a warm white domain. They incorporated natural elements into the design scheme such as wood, stone, linen and cotton. Furnishings were kept simple to complement the architecture and not to detract from the surrounding outdoor environment. This was the key to making everything feel extremely cozy.

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What We Love: The soothing interior color palette makes this home very cozy, a space anyone could grow to love. The furnishings are very welcoming and the designer did a really nice job with the interior layout. The indoor-outdoor visual connection invites nature in and adds a nice warmth to the space. What do you think, what do you love most about this home?

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Photos: El Mueble

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