Enchanting lakeside family retreat in the Adirondack Mountains

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Big Rock is a fabulous family retreat whose design is inspired by the great camps in upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains, designed by architects Shope Reno Wharton. The home is nestled on the tree-lined shores of Upper Saranac Lake, which showcases a beautiful boathouse that has been accented with traditional Adirondack twig work. The compounds impeccable interiors were decorated by celebrated interior designer Thom Filicia. In the past, this area played host to vacation homes that were called “great camps”, a place where family could spend the summer and have everything they need on the compound without ever having to leave. They would have all activities at their disposal, hiking, kayaking, swimming, boating, fishing and playing tennis. This home was designed for a busy West Coast family from California with two young children as a summer getaway. The home sits on a peninsula where the Wawbeek Resort once sat, a modest lodge that housed several cabins. Each of the home’s building has their own site orientation and views out to the water. The three car garage offers a beautifully designed guesthouse above. The main home is spread out over two levels, offering what the architects describes as “simple, honest materials.” The exterior facade draws on the local vernacular, with cedar shingles and for the interiors, fieldstone fireplaces and balusters comprised of birch logs. The homeowners requested the design aesthetic to be “authentic but with a twist”. Filicia wanted the architecture to stand out, so he applied color to some of the walls and ceilings, such as dark brown, green and blue.

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We just love this house, the indoor-outdoor connection and all of the on-site activities the property has to offer so you never have to leave. It is the perfect summer family getaway that we all dream about. What do you think, could you spend your summer vacationing here?

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The master bedroom retreat is filled with natural light from windows on all three sides, giving it a tree house feel. The walls have shingling applied to them to create an indoor-outdoor ambiance.

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The bunk room of the guesthouse and en-suite bath feature wainscoting in a fire engine red, creating a bright pop to the spaces.

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The daughter’s room features an enchanting woodland theme with patterned wallpaper of trees and birds.

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The seven year old boy’s room features a wall mural of the billboard from the Wawbeek Lodge that was originally on the property.

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The sleeping porch features shingled walls, bringing the outdoors in. The room features deep set, hanging twin sofa beds.

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Taking cue from “great camp” design, the property features outbuildings used for family recreation. Down the beach, this existing structure has been renovated into a games room. Painted all white, the designer selected furnishings with a color pop. A ping pong table and Foosball make this a fun spot for family play.

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The boathouse features the estate’s name, which can be seen from the water side, spelled out in branches. In addition to a boat launch, there is a roomy elevated terrace perfect for sunbathing and enjoying evening cocktails over the water.

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Photos: Architectural Digest

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