Charming Spanish holiday home with simple, modern aesthetic

Spanish Holiday Home-Kotablue-01-1 Kindesign

This fantastic holiday home has been designed like a stylish loft by Kotablue, located in Miño, a municipality in the Spanish province of A Coruña. The open plan interiors were to be simple and modern with materials of recovered wood, stone and iron. The designer team infused the home with warmth, creating a scheme where the home would be connected to nature. Upon entrance, you are welcoming by high ceilings, immaculate walls and an abundance of natural light thanks to large windows that achieves a fluid communication with the garden. The flooring is comprised of XXL greenish gray polished stone tiles imported from Rajasthan (India). The interior decor was given a cosmopolitan aesthetic by designer Mercedes de las Heras. She used iron in the furnishings, doors and moldings, all custom made by the company Baf7, mixed with reclaimed wood put together by a local carpenter. Between the furnishings and objects, there are vintage pieces of the 50, 60 and 70s from the Netherlands, Denmark and France to Galicia. The goal for the design team was to create a harmonious environment between the different styles and backgrounds. To mix fine craftsmanship and modern design with finishes providing an industrial air. To complete the design scheme, the homeowners wanted to integrate their personal art collection to infuse character into the space.

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What do think, does the design of vacation retreat appeal to you, let us know why or why not in the comments section of the photo tour. Need more inspiration? Have a look at some cool Spanish homes that 1 Kindesign has featured that you may have missed: Spanish stone cottage evoking a warm rustic feel and Renovated farm compound in the Spanish Pyrenees.

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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