Rustic bunkhouse nestled on a sprawling ranch in Montana

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This rustic bunkhouse was designed by Carter Kay Interiors as a guesthouse for a couple who have adult children and grandchildren visiting them in Ennis, Montana. The house is comprised of 1,600 square feet (149 square meters) of living space with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The owner’s enjoy entertaining and hosting overnight guests, so building this guesthouse was the perfect solution. Nestled along the Madison River Valley, those who visit the ranch come for what the area is famous for, fly fishing. The direction of the interior design of the home centered around a piece of art, a paining of a fly fisherman. Colors were picked up from the painting and dispersed throughout the home, blues, greens and khakis. The painting now decorates one of the bedrooms, hung over a custom designed console table with iron legs, vintage gears and a reclaimed wood top. Each one of the bedrooms has a private door that leads out to the exterior of the home. With the main house nearby, this allows everyone to be on their own schedule without disturbing other guests staying in the bunkhouse. What are your thoughts on this wonderful retreat? Would you be comfortable vacationing here?

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The main entryway sets a casual tone with slate flooring that is easy to clean and a bench for taking off or putting on your shoes.

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Above the console table is the piece of artwork that set off the interior design direction of the home (the color palette was selected from the hues in the painting).

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The living room is very comfortable and casual, inviting you to sit down and have great conversation. The living space is open to a breakfast nook and small kitchen, a perfect arrangement for family gatherings. The wooden horses were discovered at a flea market, setting off a playful tone. There is a real Western flair that has been created in this space, with the hide chairs, wooden coffee table and blue denim fabric on the sofa, as well as the warm wood flooring.

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The sunlit breakfast nook features a playful hand-forged steel table that has attached seats, selected with kids in mind.

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This cool light fixture was custom designed for the space, crafted to simulate Montana ranch fences and ropes.

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This small kitchen was designed with the idea that it would be more of a breakfast kitchen than a full kitchen. The owners wanted everyone to dine together, so they equipped the small space with just the essentials, such as a microwave and a spot for grabbing some coffee on the go. To create warmth in the space, countertops were crafted from reclaimed wood, as were the shelves. The area rug adds a pop of color to the space.

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The home offers to master bedrooms on either side of the living area, with a third bedroom connected to this master, offering twin beds for the children. The walls are clad in a tongue and groove and wooden beams decorate the ceiling. A series of photographs above the bed adds a pop of color to the space. The flooring is a cheetah print, which adds some personality to the space.

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This dresser came as a set that was discovered while out on a shopping excursion for antiques; they were refinished to fit into the design scheme of each of the master bedrooms. The one pictured above was finished in a gray wash. The colorful vintage scarab scroll above the dresser was selected as a fun nod to the family’s history in the pest control business.

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Photos: EMR Photography


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