Exquisite Spanish Colonial Revival house restoration in Texas

Windsor Residence-Clayton Little Architects-01-1 Kindesign

Windsor Residence is the restoration and addition of a Spanish Colonial Revival house by Clayton & Little Architects, perched on a steep site in West Austin, Texas. From its privileged location, the home offers amazing city views from every level. In keeping with the historical references of the old home, the architects honored the structure’s past and gave it a facelift. The new owners had exquisite taste and style, driving the project to excellence. The roofline features a “sweeping eyebrow, delineating old from new and opens the attic room toward Austin.” Lush landscaping envelopes the home with potted plants, cozy seating areas and a stunning cliffside pool. The interiors of this inviting residence received a complete overhaul, defined by smooth plaster walls, warm, dark wood planked flooring and wood trim around the windows and doorways. There a many beautiful details showcased throughout, including stained glass in the master bathroom shower, graceful arches in the kitchen, lovely wrought iron fixtures, lighting, handrails and fireplace covers.

Windsor Residence-Clayton Little Architects-02-1 Kindesign

A beautifully designed open concept is featured in the above picture, with the kitchen, dining area and living space conveniently connected to each other. With its lovely interest and beautifully landscaped property, this is the perfect home to invite family and friends to spend the day or have a fun dinner party. What do you think of this gracefully re-designed Spanish Colonial home?

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Photos: Courtesy of Clayton & Little Architects

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