Inside an ultra charming barn-style home in the Berkshires

Mandelbaum House is a charming barn-style home designed by RhDesign, sited on a heavily forested lakefront site in the Berkshires, a mountain range within Massachusetts. A beautiful blend of rustic and refined, this 2,900 square foot house is the perfect vacation retreat.

Nestled on 200 feet of lakeside property, this site was originally a campground with three cottages and several outbuilding, rented out for generations. When it came to renovating the property, the clients and designer decided to honor what was already existing on the site. They maintained the feeling of privacy by respecting the natural landscape.

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The interior structure of this charming barn-style home is outlined with reclaimed wood. Two stories high, the living area offers a double-height ceiling with lots of natural light filtering into the home through plenty of windows. The exterior of the home features a metal roof and covered in fieldstone, cement board, and cedar shingles.

Mandelbaum House-RhDesign-09-1 Kindesign

A recessed porch on the second level helps to make the scale of the home feel intimate. Offering a traditional yet modern feel, the calm gray color of the home is soothing in its environment.

Mandelbaum House-RhDesign-05-1 Kindesign

The interiors showcase wood flooring and a neutral color palette, with white walls helping to bounce light further into the spacious home. An area rug in the living room adds texture and makes the space feel warm and cozy even with a high ceiling. Clerestory windows help to bring more light into the space. The dining room has doors that swing open to reveal a cozy terrace with an outdoor eating space to enjoy the surrounding wooded environment.

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Photos: Boston Globe

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