Innovative space-saving solutions for your kitchen

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We all want the time we spend cooking and entertaining in our kitchens to be less stressful and more enjoyable, which can achieved with some simple space-saving solutions. We are seeking more of a Martha Stewart-style experience in which no pan or bowl is out of place within a well-organized array of shelves and drawers. With new designs and innovations in storage, there are many more options than there once were, and kitchen manufacturers can help to make that experience within reach!

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Good kitchen are all about style, functionality, quality and durability and any good manufacturer will specialize in creating beautiful designs which also offer maximum practicality, so not only does your dream kitchen look incredible, it is also a pleasure to cook in and an enjoyable space to inhabit.

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The importance of storage

Storage is a hugely important any element in any kitchen – after appliances, it’s the second most crucial factor in the whole design. A kitchen is not fit for purpose if it is difficult to use – and poor storage can make using your kitchen feel impossible. You want everything within easy reach – easy to find, simple to take out and use and safely store once again when you are finished using it. Some of the best kitchens ensure their storage is manufactured in Germany for precision-cut quality and the latest in storage technology.

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Kitchen design specialists can help you to work with the space you have and maximize it, offering a range of intelligent space-saving solutions. Small kitchen space? It’s not a problem for good kitchen manufacturers. Allow them to address a few commonly problematic areas in the kitchen and introduce just a few of their fantastic storage innovations accordingly.

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Corners – Once the lamented ‘wasted space’ in the kitchen, corners can now be utilised one hundred percent with nifty carousels and state-of-the-art folding shelving which folds out beautifully then ‘concertinas’ back into the space once you’re done. It’s possible to install a range of carousels in varying sizes, twisting racks which are perfect for jars, spices and packets and the ‘magic corner’ – a clever unit which uses all the space in your corner and effectively doubles the storage you would have had previously without it.

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Drawers –Without proper organization, drawers lend themselves easily to becoming cluttered over time, with things being ‘thrown in’ meaning they need to be sifted through each time you go to use your kitchen. You can readily make this a thing of the past with a range of solutions from plate holders, cutlery sorters and drawers of varying depth. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens – often the hub of the household – so minimizing everyday clutter is also key – get drawers that are multi-purpose for that reason.

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Tiny crevices – Like corners, these spaces used to be filled with useless planks of wood concealing a small but useful space behind which was crying out to be used! Innovative pull-outs allow you to fill the space with a unit which fits perfectly to the space yet holds bottles, jars, packets – in fact anything which is suitable for that crevice which would otherwise have occupied other precious storage space elsewhere.

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