Industrial style live / work space in New York: Williamsburg Loft

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The Williamsburg loft is a 3,500 square foot live / work space designed in an industrial style by Ensemble Architecture, located in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in BrooklynNew York. This stunningly designed artist’s loft is inhabited by a creatively talented married couple, he is a chef and food writer and she is a sculptor. The couple discovered this spacious ground floor industrial space after spending years looking for an industrial space to renovate. They wanted the space to not only function as a comfortable home to relax and enjoy when not working, but also to be used as workspaces for both of their disciplines. Almost half the space has been divided into a sculpture studio, while the other half encompasses daily living and includes a spacious chef’s kitchen that is used for TV productions and events. On office situated just off the kitchen to be conveniently accessed while cooking for writing and to take care of other business that is related to cooking.

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The work zones can be found on one side, the kitchen, living area, and bedroom on the other. Pocket doors create sometimes- there walls between her studio and the living room; his office, just off the kitchen, can similarly be concealed. The doors weigh about 150 pounds each but are designed to support up to 200 pounds of art.

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Monumental, ten-foot by fifteen-foot sliding partitions function to open or close the work spaces from the living spaces creating a flexible balance between live and work.

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They used the least expensive marble they could find for the central island and the glossiest Ikea cabinets available. “Everything we put in was very clean—new and crisply detailed, to contrast with the industrial materials,” states the architect. “The best features of the existing space were the unpainted wood ceiling and columns.”

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 Photos: Courtesy of Ensemble Architecture

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