How to turn your bathroom into a spa sanctuary

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How would you like to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of pampering – the appearance of a spa for only just the fraction what you normally pay at the spa? To create a spa environment in your bathroom, you have to think “calm” and “relaxing”, with soothing scents, fluffy, luxurious towels fine bathtubs and of course, what would a spa be without candlelight? If the thought of enjoying those luxuries and indulgences in the privacy of your own home sound good to you, then read on to find the best ways to turn your bathroom into a spa:

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 By the Light of a Candle

To start creating the relaxing ambiance look of a spa, it’s all about the candles. They simply change the mood no matter where you are, a feeling of calm sets in by the glowing light of a candle. Place candle tins around the base of the bathtub and then set a little jar of candles along the counter. Next use some tea lights and then a mix of small and large pillars with votives. Always make sure that you choose a solitary scent to keep from creating an either abrasive smelling odor. Soft smelling candles that incorporate Vanilla, Lavender and even a light citrus would be ideal for the occasion.

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Dress up the Sanctuary

To get that perfect oasis look of a spa, dress your counters with sophisticated and elegant jars that are filled with bath salts, flower petals and oils. Then find a vase and fill it with lavender to give the room to the ultimate natural aromatherapy scent. Maybe even place antique style bottles throughout the bathroom and also try adding some lovely soaps, creating the look of divine calm.

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The Aroma of Relaxation

One of the central components of a spa is its aroma, it usually hits you right as you walk through the front doors. The relaxing scents immediately grab your senses and it helps in transforming your mood from the hustle and bustle of life into the tranquility of which is the primary reason to utilize the spa. You have the power to replicate that same tranquil effect in the convenience of your home, by adding your own personal touch of aromatherapy scents. One of the best things to do is purchase your everyday Epsom salts and then add essential oils to them. For scents that bring revitalization and freshness to mind, try scents like eucalyptus and tea tree. Neroli and ylang ylang are excellent selections for the later evening and around bedtime, Then to add the final touches to your relaxation, try finding products for mini-facials and masks, even items that are great around the eyes to reduce the puffiness.

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The Final Touches and accessories

 The final touches to your spa sanctuary would have to be some light music, soothing sounds of nature or some lovely acoustic instrumentals. The music of a spa beckons you to be transformed and taken on a journey of the senses. Simply adding a small CD or MP3 player with those relaxing choices of sounds will ensure you will be whisked away.

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Next you need to find some fine fluffy cotton towels. Try to use oversized bath towels as opposed to the regular ones. They will be super-soft, adding warmth to your entire body from head to toe. Then as a final addition, add a plush style bath mat, this will do the trick, especially for your feet, who don’t want to be left out!

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For the Ultimate Spa Experience – Spa bathtubs

If you really want to turn your bathroom into a real spa and give it the official experience, use 1500 Bambino Freestanding Hydro Spa Bathtubs. It is absolute bliss and having the feeling of such a wonderful spa bath whenever you feel like it is a wonder all in itself.

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