Luxury dream vacation in tropical Koh Samui: Villa Kra

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Villa Kra is a luxury dream vacation showcasing luxurious rooms in a beachfront villa, surrounded by beautiful tropical surroundings in Koh Samui, Thailand. Nestling on a hillside, the villa has taken a unique location on one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. As you gaze out over the sea, the nearby islands, the tropical gardens and the incredibly beautiful pool, you realize that paradise exists.

Just seven minutes away lies Koh Samui’s vibrant centre, Bophut, with its trendy bars, quaint shops and bustling markets. And as if that were not enough, the international airport is a mere fifteen minutes away. In short: Largo Villa Kra is a dream destination.

To stay at this fabulous retreat, rates run from $593 – $942 per night or $4,155 – $6,594 per week, from here.

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This four-bedroom villa has everything necessary to melt stress away in an instant. In this modern design, the boundaries between inside and outside are blurred, making this a perfect getaway for groups of friends or successful family holidays. The stunning infinity pool is both refreshing and eye-catching. A small shallow children’s pool in the shade makes the outdoor area ideal for small children. A third pool with pool bar is the perfect setting for enjoying the stunning sunset on Koh Samui. In the stylish Chill Lounge you can enjoy a drink and each other’s company, while the eating area by the pool is a dream place to start your day with a delicious breakfast. At the end of a sublime day, you can go out onto the Moon Terrace. The wonderful Thai night sky conjures up a firework display that makes Las Vegas seem half-hearted.

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The interior of Largo Villa Kra is likewise a joy to behold. Four bedrooms are tastefully decorated, and each has a private bathroom. The master bedroom comes complete with a relaxation pool on the terrace. Almost anything is possible in this little fragment of heaven on earth: you only have to ask. By request the chef will be delighted to make the finest local dishes, but even French cuisine is on the menu if you so desire. Yoga, massage, Pilates – the range of relaxation options is endless.

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Photos: Courtesy of Largo Villas

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