Striking home showcasing industrial eclectic design in Madrid

Madrid House-Gustavo Salmeron-01-1 Kindesign

The industrial eclectic home of actor Gustavo Salmerón has been designed with reclaimed materials and plenty of imagination, located in Madrid, Spain. The actor came in and reinvented the home, which had been left unfinished by the previous owner. He invented the kitchen from scratch, improvised a second level and finished the frame with walls and floors of polished concrete. Below is the living area, and up the staircase you will find two bedrooms and the office.

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The actor invented a polished concrete space where everything moves. It’s a great open and transparent space with permeable natural light that extends throughout the home. What happens in its 1,937 square feet (180 square meters) is controllable from any angle. With peculiar objects that inhabit and move to and fro with small wheels, as a prop, and lead to an interchangeable, chameleon stage, like a mechanical toy. It has an anachronistic point, fantastic story of Jules Verne, in which the recovered metals, old and rusty, the gleaming copper and a massive glazed abound. Nod to some prefab ago, lots of wood and lots of second hand customized waste in fireplaces, stoves, panels, faucets and other craft items. It is designed as a living theater, of regular warehouses, junkyards and salvage yards. They fed the creativity that has resulted in this home: futuristic, industrial and retro.

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I had very clear ideas explains Salmeron. A New York loft, industrial, a decadent Berlin and leave a squatter point, and the third-a tropical Brazilian air with vegetation everywhere. I took the work like running a movie where the premise is fundamental. In this case it was to observe beams, columns, piping, or other structural elements. If they are there its because they are needed. We were like a film crew. When we were lost, each builder, plumber, electrician, blacksmith … all we had to follow was the premise: nothing should be ornamental. No plasterboard, ceilings, baseboards, paint, trim or anything that serves to cover anotherThat does not mean that later, if you want, you put a vase of flowers. The aim was to achieve gritty”. Therefore, the concrete walls are vain in their nakedness. I want my house to be a sculpture in itself, says the artist, always ready to go onstage.

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Photos: Gonzalo Machado

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Daniel Nchee
3 years ago

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Daniel Nchee