Spectacular split level home in Sweden: Villa Nilsson

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Villa Nilsson is a stunning two story split level home situated adjacent to a sound in Höganäs, Sweden, where the architectural interplay between nature and material is in absolute interaction. Built in 2010, the villa is a low-key building that blends well with the surroundings but is also clearly manifested. The architecture consists of simple and rigorous volumes where the encounter between the different materials is important. The home is comprised of 2,529 square foot (235 square meters) of living space with three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. The kitchen and living room are on the second level, opening up to a grand terrace with a fireplace, offering unobstructed views of the sound and an external staircase that leads down to the pool area. There is a pleasant cast mosaic swimming pool as well as a quiet and meditative courtyard. All the roofs are covered with sedum (functional, environmentally friendly and incredibly beautiful when it blooms).

Villa Nilsson has during 2012 been nominated in three major architectural competitions.

Spotted on Valvet, this home is listed for sale at $2,768,208.65, while the link lasts, here.

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