Lakeside Retreat: Sensational weekend getaway in Horseshoe Bay

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Lakeside Retreat is a relaxed weekend getaway designed by Lake|Flato Architects, on a compact sloping site along Horseshoe Bay, Texas. The design of the residence was informed by its compact sloping site, close proximity to neighbors, and direct waterfront access. Aided by the fall of the terrain, the house’s one-story profile from the street conceals a transparent two-story lake facade opening to the primary views. Cantilevered porches offset the bermed structure of the main house with a lighter, floating tree house effect. The southern screened porch, coupled with landscaping, offers protective privacy from neighbors while permitting cooling breezes and daylight.

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The composite palette includes hardy materials such as native Texas Lueders limestone, cedar, and steel; simple, brightly painted interior surfaces and millwork; and individual expression demonstrated through custom-designed hardware, fixtures, and furnishings.

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Lakeside Retreat-Lake Flato Architects-04-1 Kindesign

Contributing to the casual atmosphere and occupant comfort are right-sized spaces for both large and small gatherings, modern efficiencies such as the lake-based geothermal HVAC system, and the family’s commitment to outdoor living and dining embodied in the lofty screened porch.

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The abundant use of native materials and passive and active design strategies has led to the award of LEED certification.

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Photos: Frank Ooms Photography

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8 months ago

How was the framing of the divider wall created in the bedroom? I really the appearance of this versus drywall