Kitchen designs for the budding chef

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If you are a budding chef looking to renovate your kitchen, it’s important that you consider the design layout carefully. You need a layout that makes navigating the space easy; gadgets that cut down on the time it takes to prepare your favorite dishes; storage solutions that ensure all your utensils, crockery and ingredients are close at hand; and durable materials that can withstand the demands of your kitchen adventures.

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Take some inspiration from our design guide below, and take the first steps towards creating the ultimate cook’s kitchen.

Kitchen layouts

Obeying the kitchen work triangle is crucial when it comes to choosing the layout of your kitchen. This ergonomic principle states that you should equally space out the three most-used areas of the room—the sink, cooktop and refrigerator—in a triangle in order to improve efficiency. Each point of the triangle should be at a distance that allows easy maneuverability, and nothing should obstruct movement in-between.

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Wherever possible, your sink should be placed beneath a window, and your oven/hob should have worktop space on at least one side.

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Kitchen units and worktops

There are a range of options when it comes to worktop materials, and each have their pros and cons. However, budding chefs may find granite the best choice: it’s extremely durable, attractive and easy to maintain. The surface is stain, water, and heat-resistant; and its cool, smooth surface is perfect when you’re working with pastry.

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Super-strong solid wood is great for kitchen units, and also looks stunning – just make sure to look out for those with a smooth wipe-clean finish. Choose soft-close drawers and doors so you don’t have to endure slams while you’re cooking.

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Kitchen appliances

Consider installing an eye-level oven, as this enables you to check on your dishes without uncomfortable stooping. The type of range you choose should depend entirely on your preferences, but most cooks enjoy the flexibility offered by gas rings.

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Your sink should have a vegetable drainer and a spray-hose tap so that you can easily clean produce. And, if your budget allows, install a garbage disposal system—these ensure food waste is discarded without mess or smells. Also, make sure you have an extractor fan to help eliminate steam and unwanted odors from your kitchen.

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Larie Gunter
5 years ago

Where can I find a store to beable to look at these beautiful white cabinets. I really like the ones that look like Glass front on the tops and wood cabinets on the bottoms ( like old HUTCHES) I would be most appreciative if you could send me a catalog and addresses and phone #

10 years ago

Very cool kitchen designs. When renovating or remodeling your home the most essential room which cannot be overlooked is the kitchen. You should consider the kitchen because it is the center of your home where your family member eat together. You have to be very careful when selecting a kitchen design.