Breathtaking lakefront summer getaway in Maine

Maine Lakefront Home-01-1 Kindesign

 This gorgeous waterfront summer getaway was designed by studio Olson Lewis + Architects for a young family in Portland, Maine. The peninsula-shaped terrain offered stunning views and easy access to a large lake, perfect for a cottage. The existing cottage was charming but very rustic and the homeowners preferred clean line and contemporary architecture. To fit with the rural landscape, the exterior of the home was built more traditional, something like a camp. The 2,200 square foot home offers modern functionality mixed with very natural ingredients.

The new structure has the same footprint as the original camp, but sits about ten feet farther back from the water. The interior layout was designed around the homeowner’s desire for large living spaces that are open and connected to the outdoors. A west-facing wall folds away completely, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out and alluding to the feel of a porch. The great room offers a large stone fireplace as a focal point and the ceiling is clad in barn board.

Interior design studio Kristina Crestin Design was responsible for the interior decoration of the home, keeping things clean, simple and organic with a heavy emphasis on texture. The mint julep–hued Viking stove was the starting point for the great room’s green accents, tied together by kitchen cabinetry, twin swivel armchairs and an ombré striped rug. Bursts of color were added throughout the home to keep it light and airy. The point of the camp is to relax and hangout, so even though the majority of the furnishings are new yet durable, nothing is too precious or irreplaceable. Functionality was also important to the interior spaces, keeping countertops the perfect height for accessibility and flooring materials that are easy to clean. Furnishings kept simple as to not take up too much space to obstruct traffic flow.

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Photos: Jamie Salomon



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Don Bailey

Love this cottage! Any chance there is a floor plan available online?