Irresistible Los Gatos Residence full of inspiration

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This contemporary Los Gatos Residence was designed by Lizette Marie Interior Design, in San Francisco, California. The large house was a redesign with the scope of the project to create a home that fits a large family and their relatives, who take turns visiting. The homeowner’s initial vision was to have black interiors, but when they started applying the dark shade to the Mediterranean home, it felt too heavy. The clients and designer agreed to use large black pieces, but lightened it up a bit. The house is large with high ceilings, so the designer was challenged to come up with furnishings that stand up to the large scale but also feel approachable and cozy in a family home. Spaces were broken down into several conversation areas that can work for small gatherings as well as large parties.

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This spacious room is off the kitchen and used for everything from homework to informal meals to watching television. Family is important to the homeowners, and the entire clan lives on the wall of the family room in photographs.

Los Gatos Residence-Lizette Marie Interior Design-03-1 Kindesign

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The sheer black curtains, midnight-colored Murano glass chandelier and dark serpentine sofa provide the homeowners with the color they craved. Gold accents, such as the table base created by Gale, lighten the mood.

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The dining room table was created by Lizette with local sculptor Adam Gale. Behind the mirror is a cow hide floor covering the owner fell in love with. There was no space on the floor for it, so it was used as an accent wall.

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The family’s teenage son requested that the designer make his room “cool.” In response, a reflective blue wallpaper, groovy Robert Abbey lights and an attic converted to a hang-out space (the ladder at left leads to it) was designed to create this ultra-cool bedroom space.

Los Gatos Residence-Lizette Marie Interior Design-07-1 Kindesign

The daughter in this family is the artist of the group. The designer created a magnetic wall on the side of the bed where she can post and rearrange photos and magazine pages. The light fixture contains slips of paper inscribed with her poetry.

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The master bedroom, with its limited palette and streamlined design, gives a minimalist retreat.

Los Gatos Residence-Lizette Marie Interior Design-09-1 Kindesign

The youngest son requested a bright room, whose painting hangs behind the bed where the inspiration was drawn from. The designer granted his wish by painting the walls orange and off-setting them with an electric blue comforter.

Los Gatos Residence-Lizette Marie Interior Design-10-1 Kindesign

 Photos: David Duncan Livingston

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