Modern pad epitomizes Southern California lifestyle

 Goodman Residence-Abramson Teiger Architects-01-1 Kindesign

The Goodman Residence, designed by Abramson Teiger Architects, epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle by uniting the home, garden and pool. Its massing is conceived as one linear bar running the depth of the lot that has two smaller masses attached to its side. The combination of the three masses, some open, some closed, sets up a dialogue of solid and void, covered and uncovered, indoor and outdoor and creates an interaction and flow of functions. The north facade enhances privacy with a sculptural composition of layered depths of smooth steel trowel stucco with minimal windows; while the courtyard facade is very open, organized in a horizontal pattern of Phenoelic Resin Panels that shift in alignment with the window and door systems.  Sliding and bi-fold doors on the courtyard open up to allow access across the entire length of the compact 40’x135’ urban lot.   The outdoor living spaces become rooms, some with roofs, some open to the sky, all partially enclosed either by the house itself or the property line walls.   The conscious attention to bring natural light into all parts of the home imbues a sense of tranquility, a lightness that raises one soul, making this home a private sanctuary.

Goodman Residence-Abramson Teiger Architects-02-1 Kindesign

The residence is situated on a long narrow lot; the design challenge was to position it accordingly on the site in order to preserve an openness that is fully integrated both inside and out.  The resultant massing is that of a long “bar” with “transparent” covered rooms added to it. A dialogue of solid and void, covered and uncovered, indoor and outdoor is established.  The living room, with its tall doors that disappear into pockets, the garden courtyard and pool, and the outdoor covered patio are aligned to allow site lines from one end of the site through to the other.

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Along with the importance to address the linearity of the site, natural light plays an important part in the space, helping to imbue the home with a sense of tranquility and lightness, thus transforming the home into a private sanctuary.  Attention was also paid to articulating the “bar”, by creating a visually interesting, sculptured exterior.

Goodman Residence-Abramson Teiger Architects-04-1 Kindesign

Goodman Residence-Abramson Teiger Architects-05-1 Kindesign

Goodman Residence-Abramson Teiger Architects-06-1 Kindesign

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Goodman Residence-Abramson Teiger Architects-12-1 Kindesign

Photos: Jim Bartsch Photography

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