Fusion of Asian influences and modern architecture: Tarrytown House

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This beautiful house in the neighborhood of Tarrytown, west of downtown Austin, Texas, has been designed by Webber + Studio Architects. The property was designed with a love of Balinese design and Zen philosophy, the catalyst for this Asian-style house. The clients wished for a home that reflected their Texan roots, but also capturing the feel of a holiday they took to the Indonesian island many years before. Additionally, they needed it to fit the lifestyle of their family dynamic, of one younger child and a second on the way. The result is a modern home that feels at once comfortable and also a total escape from the mundane.

The biggest design challenge for the architects was that the property already had an existing pool with several large trees. The home had to be designed to intertwine through each of these elements. The residence blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment, appearing as if it had been there forever. One of the most striking elements of the home are the wood slats covering sections of the deck and rails. They allow breezes to pass through while still providing the structures with a substantial presence.

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The metal roof and limestone tiles are common elements in Austin architecture, whereas the dark exterior siding is more Balinese in style. “The main living and dining room pavilion in the front migrates the most, almost seeming to pull away completely (from the main body of the house),” states Webber.

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Limestone tiles continue inside the the front door and throughout the rest of the home.

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In the kitchen, rift-sawn white oak cabinetry provides warmth against a cool stainless steel backsplash. The counters are made of Texas limestone done with a stain- and pigment-infused wax sealing process that was hand applied by a local artisan.

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A shoji screen-inspired guardrail separates a play area in the upstairs level from the family room below. It was made with translucent glass so that light can pass through, but any untidiness from the playroom remains concealed.

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“Reminiscent of Balinese architecture, the house is comprised of three pavilions that each migrate away from the main body of the house to different degrees,” states Webber. “The master bedroom pavilion seems the most content to stay halfway buried in the body of the house.”

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The second floor pavilion houses the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. It stretches up above this covered outdoor porch.

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The original owner sold the house to move closer to their children’s’ schools. “Another client of ours bought the house and adjacent lot and added on a four-car garage, guest house and yoga studio to fulfill the need for extra amenities that had not been built prior,” states Webber.

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Photos: Courtesy of Webber + Studio

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