Mid-century modern getaway in Portola Valley

William Wurster Ranch-01-1 Kindesign

Nestled on 12 acres of land with a barn and swimming pool, the William Wurster Ranch, a mid-century modern home renovated by Moller Architecture in collaboration with interior designer Charles DeLisle, is situated in Portola Valley, just outside of Silicon Valley, California. The ranch house was originally designed by William Wurster in the early 1950s and though it was well-built for it day, the house need to have vitality injected back into it. After a successful collaboration on another home for the owners, Ian Moller was asked to adapt the house to their needs. The family is a young professional couple with children; this ranch is their summer home. Because it was only going to be used seasonally, the couple wanted the home to be modern and playful, but sophisticated and long-lasting — something suiting their style that also could be used for generations.

A breezeway that connected to separate guest quarters was incorporated into the floor plan of the house. A large kitchen, breakfast room and family room were incorporated into the design along with all new bedrooms and bathrooms. Products were chosen a bit randomly, inspired by old photographs; he used a combination of custom designs, vintage pieces, and more modern purchases from high-end showrooms. The palette of materials includes an earthy mix of terrazzo, western red cedar, locally produced custom tile work and contrasting steel details. In addition to the main house renovation, the project includes a new barn, pool house and a 75 foot pool.

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Bringing the outdoors in, DeLisle used wood paneling to offset another of his custom creations, a soft daybed set against wood stump tables cut from trees on the property.

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Vintage lighting is a common theme throughout the house. DeLisle was able to achieve a quirky sense of elegance in this house, that isn’t always attainable with more standard lighting choices.

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This cozy fireplace, built into the home’s 12-inch thick adobe walls, was created into a snug sitting area with a 1940s Danish chair, French vintage table, and a unique Gio Ponti light fixture above the mantle.

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William Wurster Ranch-12-1 Kindesign

DeLisle designed the dining room chandelier. This geometric light fixture is made of raw brass hexagonal tubing hung with handwoven rope.

William Wurster Ranch-13-1 Kindesign

William Wurster Ranch-14-1 Kindesign

The bathroom was designed in the aesthetic that the owner’s wanted, simple, functional and beautiful. The cabinet is customized with laminate, making it moisture-resistant and easy to clean and has vintage hardware.

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 Photos: Art Gray

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