Contemporary resort-style living in Laguna Beach

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This luxury property is situated in the enclave of Smithcliffs, an exclusive and secluded gated community along the coastline of Laguna Beach, California. The masterpiece was designed by Mark Singer Architects and built by Prestige Builders, celebrating the open floor plan of contemporary style. The main house features close to 5,300 square feet, while the pool house features close to 700 square feet. The main house has a second floor dedicated to the master suite, and media room. The first floor has three bedrooms all en-suite and a flowing open floor plan that features details which received critical acclaim. The property is spread over three lots totaling close to 27,000 square feet. The grounds create the ambiance of living in a resort and include a large pool, spa, a quarter basketball court, and lush landscaping.

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Photos: Courtesy of Prestige Builders

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