Skyline House amidst nature with impressive city views

Skyline House-01-1 Kind Design

The Skyline House is situated on a sloping site in West Lake Hills, Texas. Designed by Dick Clark Architecture, this house is nestled between mature Live Oaks to create a strong connection to nature and establish a unique sense of place.  The form of the house is long and linear, following the natural topography of the site and directing the perspective towards impressive views of downtown Austin.  A stretch of sliding glass doors pockets completely into the walls, creating a 40 foot wide opening between the living area and outdoor spaces.

Stucco, stone and zinc create a natural and low-maintenance exterior, while floor-to-ceiling glass and deep overhangs create spaces that are both dramatic and comfortable.  From the grey porcelain tile floors to the extensive black walnut built-ins, the house was designed and detailed to be easygoing and flexible.  The result is a home that functions equally well for a large party as for a quiet moment taking in the sunrise.

Skyline House-02-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-03-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-04-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-05-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-06-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-07-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-08-1 Kind Design


Skyline House-09-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-10-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-11-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-12-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-13-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-14-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-15-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-16-1 Kind Design

Skyline House-17-1 Kind Design

Photos: Paul Bardagjy


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