Contemporary Aupiais House in South Africa

Aupiais House-01-1 Kind Design

The Aupiais House was designed by Cape Town-based studio Greg Wright Architects, situated in Camps Bay, South Africa. Site Interior Design was approached by a couple to skin the shell of their newly purchased, though technically incomplete, Camps Bay home. The house was a contemporary shell but needed a “layer” to make it a home. From the outset, the clients were open-minded and came with an exciting frame of reference and good aesthetic sensibilities. Contrary to the default bleached ‘Beach House’ aesthetic so prevalent in the area, a rich palette was realized with natural materials bringing warmth and highlights to the often dramatic rooms that resulted. Via

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Furnishing the spaces was done with a balanced combination of well-known local and international furnishing brands in combination with a substantial number of custom-designed and manufactured feature pieces. The intention is a diverse series of striking environs, each unique but having a recognizable design DNA connecting them as a family of patently related spaces.

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The strong joinery concept that defines the main living areas and study are evidence of the continuity of materials throughout the house. They set the base palette but are designed to be interactive and intended to be “curated” by the owners, encouraging them to accumulate art pieces and exhibit them in various often-changing configurations. The incorporation of sustainably sourced timber, paired with luxurious linens and worn leather upholstery, tempers the otherwise warm, dark interiors.

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The cavernous basement space is transformed into the ideal entertainer’s retreat affectionately termed the ‘Legend Room’ by the owners. Reflective surfaces contrast against matte walls and the unusual ‘wetsuit’ fabric  of  the  custom-designed sofa especially shaped to fit the unusual wall configuration of the existing structure.

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Bedrooms have been finished in varying neutral tones, always having natural timber as a consistent accent. Furniture was selected or designed specially to live alongside bespoke headboards and bed bases and natural, woven designer rugs and throws, quirky object and iconic lamps come together to add a sense of individuality to each of the rooms.

Aupiais House-27-1 Kind Design

Aupiais House-28-1 Kind Design

Aupiais House-29-1 Kind Design

Each element of the house is viewed as an opportunity to build upon the theme of neutrals and naturals set off against contrasting materials and colours. All work together to create a striking visual impact; the final result is a bold, livable interior with clear identity.

Aupiais House-30-1 Kind Design

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Photos: Del Fante Photography

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10 years ago

where can I find the wooden Log coffee table?