Striking reform of a minimalist villa in Denmark

Villa Wienberg is an addition to an existing tree house in Højbjerg, a coastal suburb of Aarhus in Denmark, designed by Wienberg Architects. There are only a few traces remaining of the old house, which is in harmony with the new addition. The coverage of the house was planned according to the potentials that were on the ground floor, which is now partly in two floors, with an open plan design. The location of the facades and windows has been planned in relation to the old trees on the property. The 936 square foot (87 square meters) minimalist home is bathed in natural light. The exterior is clad with vertical panels of wood in a black color with square window with lots of varying sizes. There is a good material consistency of the house, the old part is kept entirely in a white interior, and broken by the internal atrium covered with black wood. In the new part is the kitchen also kept in a radiant white along with steel and concrete, which creates a good contrast to design on the walls, staircase and loft.

The salon and the study are warm shelters where the uniformity of materials provides a visual peace that invites you to enjoy the views to the garden.

Photos: Courtesy of Weinberg Architects

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