Moroccan-inspired Pacific Heights Residence

This stunning Moroccan-influenced Pacific Heights Residence is a grand, single family home in San Francisco, California. A complex and detailed remodel of a former two-unit building was carried out by Moroso Construction. The foundation was extensively upgraded and every inch of the four-story home was reconstructed inside and out. New state-of-the-art systems were integrated seamlessly throughout with the unique, highly customized, interiors and hand-crafted finishes and furnishings by Jeffers Design Group. JDG created a space for elegant urban living through vibrant color, graphic motifs and handcrafted elements. The designers also worked with the client to expand their art collection to include the likes of Lee Mullican, Steven Hannock, Granville Redmond, Cuno Amiet, John Marin and Frans Francken II.

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Photos: Matthew Millman

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11 years ago

This is beautiful! Love all the color….so much better than all these neutral colored designer homes these days…..