Mid-century modern on the San Francisco Bay

Located right on the waterfront off the San Francisco Bay in California, the Lagoon House is a 1962 A. Quincy Jones house. The property was remodeled in the 1980s, with its original interior buried and replaced with lackluster design. When the client purchased the home, the original floor plans were obtained and the property was restored to its original state by architect Craig Hudson with the help of interior designer Gary Hutton. The classic ranch style home, indicative of mid-century modern design, was meticulously constructed with the front facade being left relatively void of details. The owner is an esteemed collector of mid-century art; the home was used to house a good portion of her incredible art collection in the home.

The two bedroom home features large windows offering stunning views out onto a lagoon in Belvedere. The home takes advantage of the incredible natural beauty of its surroundings by embracing it into the interior. Since the client’s art was to be a major focal point for the home’s decor, Hutton wanted to stay true to the feeling of the ’60s and ’70s with the furnishings and fixtures. Designer pieces were mixed with re-purposed finds to make the home feel authentic. The living room features an open floor plan accentuated with soothing colors, incredible furnishings and fabulous use of light to create a welcoming and calming space.

Although the dining room is relatively small, the open layout and large windows from the living room and hallway make it light and airy, giving it the illusion of space.

The galley style kitchen layout is very much the same as the original home, with the addition of high-end, energy-saving appliances and custom cabinetry.

The bright red door is the only significant pop of color in the home, drawing the eye down the main hallway and front entrance.

A sheltered deck provides the ideal cover from the winds of the San Francisco Bay.

The master bedroom is a place of serenity, naturally lit from skylights and a door to the side garden.

Natural light and organic materials blend smoothly with the colors and layout of the house.

The back of the home is very open to the water, and the client makes good use of this with beautiful deck.

Photos: Matthew Millman Photography

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