Concrete dwelling with amazing swimming pool

SA Residence has been designed by Shatotto Architects, situated around multi-storied building and apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The scope of the project was to craft the shell of the home as a mass material of concrete into a pure square. Urban and rural architecture merge to form this unique home that has a swimming pool in the middle of the house, which was a difficult task to ensure privacy, so an introverted design was adopted. The southerly sides of the home were designed to bring cross ventilation through the home during the summer months and bring the warmth of the sun into the home during the winter. The center of the home, “water court” acts as a natural exhaust, causing warm air to rise and making the middle court a solace.

“A small “dingi” boat waiting by the “ghat”, patch green and light with its silence, the space becomes a natural habitat within a manmade dwelling and the layers of understanding to unfold nothingness. The traditional courtyard connected to the adjacent pond transformed into one in an urban context and created a quad of water symbolizing nothingness yet containing the power vase of capturing, reflecting and refracting the sky, flying birds, smiling sun, shying moon, composed earth and so on.” Via

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Great design and detailing!