Ultra-chic seaside home in South Africa

La Lucia is a stunning family holiday beach house on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa designed by SAOTA Architects. The home has been sensitively designed to the landscape, gently nestled between protected milkwood trees. The entrance is flanked by two of the milkwood trees, which opens up to a double-volume hallway featuring a cinematic panorama of views. The ceilings are clad with aligned timber slats, drawing the eye to the distant seascape.

Here is a brief description of the project from the architects, “The ground level can be enjoyed as one continuous space or arranged into more individual and private spaces. All the spaces open up either onto the sea facing pool deck or to the afternoon sun lit garden on the West. The four sea-facing bedrooms are located on the upper level and open onto private individual terraces.

The East sea-facing facade is ‘wrapped’ with a series of bronzed anodized aluminium sliding screens that cocoon the structure entirely or in part. The screens, inspired by the milkwood trees, create the home’s signature. The Interiors by Antoni Associates express simplicity and restraint while making the home comfortable and cozy. Sand-colored polished concrete floors, bleached timber, natural leathers and grey linens, are anchored by soft neutrals and countered with touches of charcoal, teal and azure.”

Visit the SAOTA website – here.

Visit the Antoni Associates website – here.

Photos: Karl Beath

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Cring jones
4 years ago

I think its disgraceful and shameful to have a pool and wasting water, when Africa needs water wells dug for the people to have a cupful without dehydrating!!! Just Awful!!!