Imposing house in Cadiz dominated by art

This impressive and modern house with a symmetrical structure, spotted on Nuevo Estilo, is located in one of the most privileged spots in the province of Cadiz, Spain, both because of its proximity to the coast and the protected wetland, with its exceptional flora and fauna. Designed by architect Pedro Riveiro Pita, the beautiful contemporary home offers plenty of peace and privacy with an ideal climate for year-round vacations. The home is spread out onto two levels surrounded by a natural garden, sea views and a swimming pool with water of a dark green color from the tone selected from the ceramic tile.

An old wooden door leads into the entrance of the home, with a courtyard in the lobby inhabited by a centenarian olive tree, surrounded by a colorful painting by artist Fernando Pagola. The work is also located on different walls, continuing in the staircase that leads to the upper floor. Two interior courtyards in the hallway are symmetrical and transparent, with sculptural compositions created by Alvaro de la Rosa. The pleasure of living inside and outside, surrounded by beauty, defines the identity of this house, much loved and enjoyed at all times of the year. The choice of furniture and the details were based on works of art.

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