Shophouse inspires drama in black and white

Shophouse at 18 Everitt Road was designed by Matthew Lai of Studio XMSL in Singapore. The home was designed to be long and narrow, absent of an internal courtyard, which varies greatly from the typical light flooded and well-ventilated shophouses seen in Asian lifestyle magazines. The architect decided to not bring in additional natural light, instead express these dimly lit areas by enveloping them in black while contrasting them with the well-lit areas, finished in pure white. “As a result, the dining on the 1st storey and the study cum lounge on the 2nd storey are enveloped in black while the living and kitchen on the 1st storey and the rooms on the 2nd storey are crafted into a pristine pure white shell.”

Here is a description of the project from the architect, “This zoned approach created a rich variety of spaces that can be experienced in the numerous dramatic transitions around this unique shophouse. The play of light and dark spaces, black and white colours were the primary elements we were working with on a schematic level. The private spaces on the 2nd storey begin to see an introduction of a greater amount of warmer materials and textures to balance out an excessive play of black and white.

The distinct dialogue between black and white was further developed alongside the client’s intention to express themselves with a unique dialectic between modernity and antiquity. The furniture, accessories and artifacts selected mirror this contrast. A fine example of such sits in the living: a chesterfield in authentic old English black leather sits facing a clean line modern sofa upholstered in contemporary fabrics. Traces of ‘old school’ and ‘vintage’ add personality to the stark and dramatic spaces. Personality and situation conceives this completely unique shophouse.”

Visit the website of Studio XMSLhere.

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