Vintage chic kitchens from Marchi Cucine

Marchi creates timeless kitchens with an environment ideal for entertaining but also with good taste and practicality in mind. These vintage style kitchens are versatile and very functional, combining different habits and lifestyles infused with warmth and a harmonious and original style. Some of the kitchens use chalkboard inserts as an original way to customize your kitchen. All of the five different vintage styled kitchens present incredibly chic design solutions that go beyond fads. “In addition to the items that make up the kitchen is to highlight the excellent result, both aesthetically and purely functional, obtained by inserting appliances by the charm of yesteryear, manufactured with the utmost care and characterized by a purely “craft” taste, like the original fridge. All signed “the workshop”.

Check out these beautiful vintage style kitchens by visiting Marchi Group, here.

1956 was designed with great metropolitan character, surrounded by iron elements, bolts and rivets that are transformed into original furnishing ideas.

Loft is a cuisine inspired by urban spaces, its distinctive feature is the original use of metal to design furnishings evocative and uncompromising, that alternate with rectangular wood cabinets, with delicate pastel colors.

To give movement to geometries, delicious vintage charm measures like the washtub, practical sink for multiple uses because you can lift and carry elsewhere, in addition to fittings and antique leather seats.

The attention to detail how the handles in old silver and absolute flexibility, enhanced by the best brand appliances, embellish and enhance the vintage style of this home-style cooking.

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9 years ago

Where can I find the lift and carry sink? Is there a style name to look for? I love it, must have

11 years ago

oh my God!!i love the style of the first house!!i wanna live there!!