Playful treehouse refuge in Catalonia

Discovered on Mi Casa, this small cabin in the trees is built as a fun cottage for children in Catalonia, Spain. The refuge has been constructed in a small field that uses nature to construct the little wooden house with a small terrace. The trunk of the tree is the central axis of the cabin and passes through vertically. It is accessed by a staircase and a suspension bridge. In the interior, wood remains the main constructive material. There are no dividing partitions which make the area feel open and spacious.

To avoid insect bites, it was essential to place a light mosquito net around the bed. The hut receives plenty of natural light and beautiful mountain views through the sliding door access. The interiors feature a few cushions on the ground to create a cozy corner chill out style. Light furnishings decorate the small space to keep good traffic flow around the cabin. Cushions with washable fabric covers have been selected to avoid stains. A small bathroom maintains privacy with a shower curtain that hides a natural toilet installed on a wooden structure that adapts to the corner.

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