Kuaotunu Beach House with incredible views

The Kuaotunu Beach House is an existing holiday home that was renovated by architects Crosson Clarke Carnachan in Coromandel, New Zealand. The bach was used by the family for several years and was imbued with family history, too valuable to demolish. The holiday experience is reinforced by the separate pavilions being disconnected from the main living room, this results in a camping experience of going from ‘tent to tent’. The social organization of the plan is relaxed and holiday-like. There is no front entry.

Experiences of everyday rituals are connected to the outside and a contrast from urban living. The en-suite opens to the outside, allowing the experience of showering and bathing in nature. Materials were chosen to reflect the relaxed coastal colors and for their lack of maintenance – the zinc roof designed to imitate notional fish scales. The existing bach is now opened to the sun and view. The sliding glass walls are organized to dissolve the barrier between inside and outside. Shutters allow the house to be closed up while the owners are not in residence.

Visit the website of architects Crosson Clarke Carnachan here.

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