Tastefully decorated apartment in Spain

This charming apartment discovered on Mi Casa is situated in Spain, designed for a couple that had a clear objective in mind: easy and comfortable housing that could be tastefully decorated without making a large investment. The designer’s intention was to use furniture that is versatile so that the client could adapt in the future to another house. To comply with these requirements, it was imperative to have a neutral base rich in varying tones. The hallway initially presented a problem by its reduced dimensions. With the idea of creating a contemporary, full of comfort and serene atmosphere, the dining room was located in an adjoining room. It was designed as an environment to share, with three seating areas arranged in U and oriented towards the terrace, an extension of the meeting zone. The absence of unnecessary furniture and luminosity give breadth. All the rooms have auxiliary pieces that are available in the space according to needs. Only in the bedroom, priority was given to storage with a large capacity closet. The palette of neutral tones and white adds intensity through a combination of materials such as wood and natural textiles materialized in linen or velvet. The materials used in the home guided the project and provided consistency and harmony throughout.

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I love the rooftop space