43 Brilliant and inspiring shabby chic interiors

Shabby Chic interior design entails distressed finishes, soft as well as delicate colors, mixing checks, stripes, and flower-patterned fabrics, using a rumpled but neat look, and using home decor that is worn but also elegant. If you want to decorate with a Shabby Chic style in your home, use mostly vintage decor and comfortable slip-covered furniture, and try mixing new decor that appears old and worn. The end result is a delightfully decorated space that features a comfortable, lived-in look. Shabby Chic decorating ideas are abundant; you will probably find fresh cut flowers, antique lace tablecloths, scented candles and crystals hanging from the antique chandelier. All in all, you will be comfortable and at home with Shabby Chic if you enjoy a soft, floral, feminine style of decor mixed with edgy vintage elements. Below we feature a collection 43 of the most unique and inspiring Shabby Chic interiors from homes across the globe. Let us know what you think, which one most inspires you?

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10 years ago

Please do not use anything without permission or without noting its origins on your blog or website…says your page. But you’ve done just that here, with dozens of images from 1st-option.com without a single credit. Quite shameless.