Would you live in a garage?

This fabulous home was once a small and rundown mews made up of a garage and bedsits in the heart of Camden, England. Thanks to some incredible space planning, the former garage is now a bright and airy living quarters. Owner Darren Isaacs and Knott Architects have made creative use of every inch of the space, cupboards in the eaves, pots and pans suspended from beams, cleverly zoned areas, and appliances shielded from view so they don’t encroach on the space. Suddenly, 85 square feet of space feels a lot bigger. The hallway features slim-line shoe storage by Vitsoe near the front doorway. A staircase has been designed from a single ribbon of rolled steel, which has been left to patina and rust before it is sealed and fire logs are stored underneath.

The downstairs level has a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a concrete-rendered wetroom with frosted-glass screens, and a spacious wardrobe on casters to be utilized as a separation wall. The upstairs level is comprised of an open-plan living, dining and kitchen space. The kitchen cupboards and bookshelves can be reached by way of a bespoke ladder, which was built into the pitched roof to maximize the space. The flooring consists of engineered oak boards, which were designed to not warp with the underfloor radiant heating. The front of the windows features a sunken trench heating system to eliminate condensation and save wall space. One of the walls hosts a line of white cabinetry, lined in walnut, to contain the TV and crockery. Via

A small office next door overlooks the street, and double as a guest bedroom.

Photos: Sophia Evans

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