A floating home with modern design details

This unique house boat design called ‘Hausboot Silverbeaver’ is situated along the Hunte River in Oldenburg, Germany. Created by designer Flo Florian and designer Sascha Akkermann of Confused-Direction Design, the second model of floating home, named the Silverbeaver, with modern design details that gives a comfortable and stylish appeal. The boat house displays a bright design, dressed in a wood skin that integrates the structure into the surrounding environment. Three main characteristics can be recognized in each space and define all the rooms, materials and textures, clear, warm and bright. The challenge of designing a stylish, modern boat house ensured the architects and designers used the best materials for this project, like the locally resourced larch-wood, combined with carefully chosen high tech-materials. Two terraces, one of which is on the roof, invite family and friends outside, where they can enjoy summer nights and days. Light materials were combined with modern furniture and contemporary furnishings designed by Akkermann and Florian, and the pet cats have comfortable beds right in the living room, where they can participate in the family get-togethers, The rooms are heated by the “Bullerjan” oven, which works with convection of the heated air. Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann have chosen smart details for the interior, like the old model switches from the 40s, rebuild by Berker and Rosenthal. Via

Visit the website of Confused-Direction Design here.

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10 years ago

I wish it were my home! I wonder though if it literally floats if water level goes up like those amphibian houses I saw on TV. http://www.bwhouseraising.com.au/services/