Ultra-stylish New York loft renovation

This super incredible loft space we are bringing to you today is a renovation by interior design firm ixdesign in New York City’s West Village. The design firm was commissioned to bring organized function and warm sensibility to the 1,050 square foot loft-style apartment. Here is a description from the designer’s, “located within a structure built as a truck garage in 1931 and converted to condominiums in 1983, the apartment was plagued with an awkward geometry, limited natural light and an outdated decor. The existing finishes and fittings were stripped away to visually organize the space and reveal its basic architectural layout. With a cleared palette space use and storage were maximized by either carving out or augmenting the irregular shapes presented by the architecture.

All wall surfaces, existing and new, were limited to a neutral white finish to create a seamless integration with the ceiling structure allowing the space’s inherent sculptural quality to be enhanced. In response to the client’s desire for an inviting, warm retreat, a natural walnut was used throughout to anchor and reinforce the unity of the space, juxtaposed against the bright architectural envelope. Plush, engaging fabrics and contemporary lighting infuse a dash of luxury while classic modern furniture pieces provide functionality and a simple sophistication.” Via

The first 11 photos presented are after the renovation, succeeding that are photos prior to the renovation so that you may get a glimpse of all the work that was done to achieve a beautiful and warm loft space. Please let us know what you think of this spectacular renovation!

Prior to Renovation

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12 years ago

Dear Mr, Ms
I’m a student in architecture school, in france.
I have a project in sociology about loft in New York. I would be really happy if you can help by giving me plan of the loft you sale. Then if it’s possible, I would like to know more about it, and about people who are living in loft in Manhattan.
I look forward to the opportunity of discussing about my project with you. Thank you!
Bye, Léa.

12 years ago

Great work here. The space was totally brightened up and given a new life. How much did this renovation cost?