Unique dwelling with a hovering roofline

Glen Irani Architects designed this sensational house known as the Hickey Residence, situated in Venice, California. The main purpose for the design of the home was to eliminate the isolation between the front and rear yards by simply “hovering” a part of the dwelling over the outdoor living area. Ensuring protection to the outdoor living spaces, the design has been adapted to fit to the unpredictable California climate. The roof has an unusual shape and it folds over the clerestory, allowing plenty of natural sunlight to flood the upper floor of this 4,000 square foot residence. The architects also kept in mind the importance of building sustainable dwellings when they made this project by using high-efficiency mechanical systems, sustainable wood finish, PVC cool roof technology, window shading and minimization of long term maintenance and refinishing. The interior spaces have warm color schemes mixed with welcoming furnishings, a floating staircase in the living room and the glass bridge above makes this four-bedroom house truly spectacular.

Visit the website of Glen Irani Architects here.

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