Captivating Madrid residence flooded with elegant style

This stunning Madrid Residence, spotted on Nuevo Estilo, is dispersed onto two levels in a 40 year old building located in the center of Madrid, Spain. With south orientation on the tenth floor, the house is flooded with natural light. Interior architect Javier Lopez conceived a radical change to the residence, tearing down walls and leaving mostly pillars for support. The open plan features gloss finishes, the intentional use of fabrics and home automation. Materials of velvet and silk create warmth to the spaces and gives off a stunning visual affect.

Lighting is embedded into ceilings, the floor and various structures, such as columns abound throughout the housing. A perimeter system and environmental-based LEDs includes possibilities to vary the intensity and color, Javier Lopez is also the designer of the majority of the furniture. The refined lines, the brightness of the finishes and special relevance given the chrome elements determine the nature of the environments.

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