Charming and exotic retreat in Morocco

Today we bring you to Morocco, where we discovered this gorgeous luxury retreat called “The Kasbah Bab Ourika.” Perched majestically on a hilltop at the tip of the Ourika Valley, Bab Ourika affords the most magnificent 360 degree views over the valleys river, green fields and on to the imposing snow-capped mountains. With Berber villages dotted around the hillsides, olive groves, orange and lemon trees, the landscape is breathtaking at every turn. With attentive staff, delicious food, peace and tranquility, this luxury hotel is the perfect place for those wanting a quiet break away from the city. The Kasbah Bab Ourika has a total of fifteen rooms and suites. Recently (2011) it was awarded the Fodders Top one hundred hotels of the World, which is an amazing achievement.

Bab Ourika is working hard at being environmentally friendly, and is currently one of the most “green” buildings in Morocco. Made primarily of Pise (re-enforced mud) and in keeping with the other traditionally constructed Berber villages, it fuses easily with the earthy landscape. The thick walls provide natural insulation against the heat, keeping the building cool in the summer and warm in winter. It has solar panels for heating the water, and all water used at the Kasbah is recycled for watering the garden. It also has an innovative bio-digester system, which not only composts all food waste, but also produces electricity which will in time also benefit the village below.

Guests can relax in individually decorated rooms with stunning terraces and views, or by the swimming pool in the Kasbah’s magnificent hill top gardens. Eat bio fresh locally sourced food, take advantage of the nearby horticultural and Saffron farms, visit the large Monday Berber market at nearby Tnine Ourika, hike, trek, ski or ride in the scenic mountains, or drive 45 minutes to the heart of the vibrant Marrakech Medina to shop.

To stay at the beautiful Kasbah Bab Ourika, rates start at $204-$540/night here.

Photos:  Alan Keohane

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Real Estate in Morocco
12 years ago

Morocco is a paradise for fans of the wild with inaccessible mountain ridges, the colossal green plains and gorges, colorful and bustling markets, ancient architecture, long sandy beaches and the riads.All this sounds a bit relative to the background of what one can experience in the world of wildlife. not only that, This is the land of hand-woven fabrics and rugs, many flavors of spices, a story-teller, the hawkers, the tamer of snakes – motley bordering on kitsch, which attracts strong as a cup of mint tea.