Unique Bohemian trailer home in France

Passionate about the 1960’s, Pierre Arnoux has a hobby for collecting old models of trailers, buses and caravans and remodeling them into charming homes for rent. Each one has unique themes, this particular one follows a Bohemian Deco theme that is only 20 square meters and sits in a beautiful garden just outside of Deauville, France. Metal, plastic and pops of flashy colors have taken over the small trailer. A small bedroom and a bathroom complete the home for a very cozy retreat on wheels. Via

Mixes of vintage and bold pops of color and mixes of metal, plastic and pouffes chairs, this makes one groovy vacation home.

The home has been blanketed with mirrors on one side to give the illusion of space. Dressed with sheets of metal, the bar delineates the kitchen area. By contrast, the colorful dishes brings out the fantasy of the 60’s.

A clever game of mirrors gives the illusion of space.

The charming bedroom is a very comfortable space that is open to the rest of the home. The bold punches of color breathes life into the surrounding white walls.

The small bathroom hosts a former community center stainless steel sink that is used as a bathtub.

Photos: Christophe Rouffio

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Johnricco Ricco
5 years ago

Looks great.

12 years ago

Do you rent these trailers?

12 years ago

Amazing really

12 years ago

Wow! This is awesome. Good job!