House of Ruins on the Baltic Sea

The House of Ruins is a family house which can be found in Latvia along the coast of the Baltic Sea. This very unique dwelling has been constructed into the interior of 19th century ruins in a traditional Latvian barn. Architecture firm NRJA used the idea of contrast, where wind from the sea is opposed to the warmth of the family, and perfection of glass is set against the rough surface of old stone. The 2,152 square foot house provides both, modern life comfort and quietness of the surrounding nature. The salvaged home has been organized on one level; it also contains a small courtyard and a spacious roof terrace for watching the sea and surrounding meadows. We love how this house uses an existing structure to hide, in both landscape and against the strong winds, creating a new habitable interior. What do you think of this unique dwelling?

Visit the website of architecture firm NRJA here.

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8 years ago

Congratulations on such an interesting concept. It looks most “unLatvian”, including the choice of interior fit-out. Beautiful workmanship. I would love to know where it is situated. I have two vacation apartments in the stunning old town of Liepaja, on the Baltic coast.

8 years ago
Reply to  One Kindesign

Thank you, I shall take a drive there, it is north of Liepaja and there are some wonderful scenic spots along the coast on the way to Pavilosta and Saka. Keep up the excellent work!

8 years ago
Reply to  One Kindesign

Yes, indeed the Baltic coastline is stunning. Please let me know if you would like to review the penthouse apartment I created in Liepaja known as the LuxLoft. The interior took over two years to create and has one of the highest quality fit-outs in all of the Baltic Region, including many bespoke items by Latvian craftsmen. Fittings were sourced from USA, Western Europe and the nordic region. You can see some images on the website.