A modern rustic haven in Segovia

An old house in the verge of ruin in the countryside of Segovia, Spain has been transformed into a modern rustic haven by architect Anne Girod. The home had lots of charm and character, so everything possible was salvaged, replacing only the unrecoverable. Its thick stone walls and its wooden beams maintain radiant and modern interiors with the latest eco-friendly technology of geothermal heating. Bleached wood adds brightness to the space mixed with stone and polished concrete for modern design. Area rugs help to break up spaces and add warmth to open spaces and high ceilings. The exterior facade has maintained its original character with decorative lintels and thick walls in limestone masonry.

As for the decoration, the passion of the owners by the use of Scandinavian design throughout is evident. The home is a mix of modern furnishings combined with traditional pieces. The overall image of the house is enriched with this aesthetic diversity, with the coexistence of the Nordic models and the old Castilian constructive elements – beams, pillars and wooden doors, walls views of masonry, fused with some antiques and objects of mixed origin. The naturalness and freshness of this mixture increases the feeling of simplicity, adding to the uniqueness and contemporary spirit which breathes throughout the home. Via

The beams and columns which were in very poor condition were replaced.

The upper floor above the kitchen was removed leaving a double height ceiling where beams and trusses have been left exposed.

The floor and walls painted white enhance luminosity.

The loft area has created a large play area for children.

The vintage touch has been reserved for this reading corner with pieces from the 1950’s.

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