Maison Val D’Entremont on the Swiss Alps

Maison Val D’Entremont is a private residence on an inclined plot in Valais, Switzerland designed by Swiss practice Savioz Fabrizzi Archtectes. Taking advantage of the elevated site which lends a panoramic view of the surrounding Alps and village below, the design features a strip of glazing that fully wraps around the form of the house.

The residence takes on a simple and iconic shape with an asymmetrical saddleback roof that references the forms of the local architecture typology. The second level, made completely transparent by the floor to ceiling windows, creates the illusion of a floating roof form above the foundation of the house. The solid portions of the elevation utilize pre-weathered wood which will gradually age and darken with time.

The transparent level accommodates an open-concept day lounge with a generous terrace. In order to amplify the presence of the surrounding landscape, the interior surfaces are finished with polished stainless steel which reflects, projects, and integrates the scenery into the space. Via

Photos: Thomas Jantscher

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Irina Pauly
12 years ago

Hallo, I am interested an this object. If You can informate me about the location and the costs of the building. Is it possible to build the house like this in the region of the Commune Bourg-St.-Pierre also, if I would have find the plot? Thank You in advance for contact me.

12 years ago

Breathtaking design and view. Nice.