Modern Brazilian tree house on the coast

This incredible home in Ubatuba, a coastal city in Sao Paulo Brazil has been built by SPBR Arquitetos. Located at the end of Tenório’s Beach, the structure is built on a hill of a fairly extreme slope of 50% and reaches 92 feet above the road. The Ubatuba beach house is built on a property of 180 feet x 52 feet (55m x 16m), which is protected by environmental laws, which is what inspired the design of the home.

The residence uses three reinforced concrete columns that are the main structural support of the home. The home has been designed with varying levels to enable breathtaking ocean views from every room. The main access to the house is through the terrace, which is on top at the same level as the street. There is a bridge that links the street to the main entrance of the dwelling, which enables varying views of the sea, the hill and the trees. In addition to preserving the original landscape, this hanged house in fact hovers amongst the foliage, encircled by birds and completely open to the surrounding seascape.



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