Brazilian pad showcasing exceptional design

Juranda House is situated in Vila Beatriz, Sao Paulo, Brazil, the house was designed Apiacas Arquitetos, on a small sloped urban plot measuring 20′ x 78′. The architects tried to keep the construction budget to a minimum. The idea was to make a home as transparent as possible, establishing a direct relationship with the outdoors. At 1,615 square feet the house is equipped with a living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor; while the upper floor is equipped with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, office and deck. The house is given structure by steel reinforced concrete cast on site with the slabs in prefabricated concrete remaining visible after construction. All of the brickwork is in ceramic blocks covered with a white render. They opted to put the house’s entire infrastructure on the lowest floor, making use of the nature slope, this includes: a water cistern, boiler and sewage treatment system. Overall, this is a project that tried to limit the dimensions, to the strictly necessary, of areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms so that the communal spaces would be more generous even within this narrow plot, promoting communal living, preferably with friends. Via

Photos: Pregnolato & Kusuki Estudio Fotografico

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