A hotel made out of ice!

Taking five weeks to build, the Hotel de Glace opens at the beginning of January and closes at the end of March. The hotel has several rooms, theme suites, two exhibition rooms, a cinema, chapel, large reception room, functional fireplaces, hot tubs and the famous Absolut Ice Bar. This year will mark the tenth anniversary that the hotel has been sculpted by professional artisans. Each year it is re-built from scratch with a completely new theme. The restrooms are heated and located outside of the hotel. The package price for one nights stay in this amazing work of art ranges between $350-$800.

The ice hotel has a total area of 30,000 ft2 and 18 foot high ceilings, with 400 tons of ice and 12,000 tons of snow! The hotel has four foot thick walls which helps the hotel keep a constant temperature of between 28°F TO 23° F. On a very cold day, the exterior temperature could be as cold as 18° F, but the interior would never be below 25° F.

The best part of the hotel is the Domaine Pinnacle Grand slide that makes you feel like a big kid!

Theme suite with a warm sleeping bag on a bed of deer pelts and a polar tech sheet. Each theme room has different decor.

The Absolut Ice Bar specializes in Absolut vodka drinks and is served in a glass made of ice. The bar has many events throughout the season and can host as many as 200 people at a time.

The N’ice Club, with colossal arches and guaranteed hot times even in 18° F. Activities include DJ nights, live band performances and theme nights with space for 400 people.

The ice chapel is host to many weddings and is quite popular as the theme changes every year. Horse drawn carriages can be used to bring the couple to the chapel as well as a walk down the red carpet.

Columns scultped out of ice.

Inside the ice bar.

Booth inside the ice bar.

Sculpture of a chair carved out of ice by talented teams of artisans.

Fiber optics theme guest room.

Ice sculpture.

Lighted ice scultures in the hallway.

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