Striking modern dwelling in Ecuador: NR2 House

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NR2 House is a modern single family residence completed in 2012 by Roberto Burneo Arquitectos, located in Balcon de Valle, Quito Canton, Ecuador. Situated in a private development in the valley of Cumbaya, the NR2 House responds to the natural ground, to a stunning landscape and to the project requirements. To the east you can […]

Los Chillos House with privileged views of Ecuadorian highlands

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Los Chillos House is a contemporary residence designed in 2012 by Diez + Muller Arquitectos, located in Valle de los Chillos, Cuenca Canton, Ecuador. The design of this 5,920 square foot (550 square meters) house arises from previous research and understanding of the regional architecture of the Ecuadorian highlands, and how it engages with a […]

Casa 2V in Ecuador displays unique volumetric structure

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Casa 2V is a sensational modern property that has been completed in 2010 by Ecuadorian architecture studio Diez + Muller Arquitectos, located in Tumbaco, Ecuador. The house is located on a rectangular area with a slight slope in an east west direction. The land does not have much to offer but the house faces mountain views […]

Glass and stone modern residence: Los Chillos House

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Los Chillos House has been designed by Quito based architectural firm Diez + Muller Arquitectos in Valle de los Chillos, Cuenca Canton, Ecuador. The home was completed in 2012, comprised of 5,920 square feet of living space with a contemporary exterior facade composed of stone and glass which contracts ascetically with its traditional rustic interior […]

Algarrobos House resting on steel and wood beams

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Algarrobos House has been designed by architects José María Sáez, Daniel Moreno Flores in Puembo, Ecuador. The home is comprised of eight identical steel members, 18 meters long, placed along the x y z axis, confining the space for the house and at the same time opening it in different directions. They are abstract beams […]