30 Best Halloween Ghost Decorations For A Spooky Outdoors


Welcome your neighbors and trick-or-treaters with these Halloween ghost decorations to create a spooky atmosphere in your front yard. Ghosts are the perfect decoration for Halloween and are easy to DIY with a few simple materials and not a lot of technical know-how. Add some lights and even a fog machine to add to the eerie outdoor environment.

Give your neighbors, guests, and trick-or-treaters a little fright with our amazing collection of Halloween ghost decorations that we have gathered for you below. Underneath each of the images are further details on how to DIY each of the ghosts along with links for more detailed instructions from the sources. Don’t forget to save your favorites to Pinterest and why you are there, give us a follow: https://www.pinterest.com/onekindesign/

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1. Easy Lampost Ghost. This is a simple project to put together, all you need is a lamp post (or a shepherd’s hook and a hanging lantern to create a similar look). You will need three yards of white gauze fabric from your local craft stores such as JOANN Fabric and Crafts, cheesecloth from your local Dollar store, some fishing line, and a sheet of black foam (for the eyes and mouth). Get the full DIY tutorial at the provided link. (via Across The Boulevard)


2. Halloween Hanging Ghost. These ghosts are a Pottery Barn knock-off using a dollar store hack. Find bouncy balls in the kid’s section and spray paint them white (you could also use large white balloons for this hack). For the ghost, you will need Cheesecloth Fabric from the Dollar store, but it can also be found at your local craft store, party store, or Halloween Supercenter. For the eyes, you can use a black sharpie, black felt, black construction paper, or black foam core (use 3M spray adhesive to affix). To hang the ghost, you fill need fishing wire (found in your local Walmart). This blogger used a small white nail (inserted into the air hole of the ball), but you can also affix a Command Hook or eyescrew to the top of the head and hang it from your front porch. (via Urban Farmhouse)



3. DIY Lighted Ghost. These 20″ high ghosts can be re-created using a 6″ round foam ball from Hobby Lobby or a white balloon for the head. For the body, try using an old white sheet (if do not have one, try Goodwill or your local dollar store), cheesecloth, or white fabric from JOANN Fabric and Crafts (roughly 5 feet). For the face, use a black sharpie for the eyes and mouth. To prop up the ghost try using a tomato cage (turned upside down), which can be purchased from Home Depot. For the lights, simply use some multi-color light strings (plugin or battery-operated) to shine through the fabric. For the arms, use a coat hook wire and affix it to the tomato cage. (via HearthSong)



4. DIY Floating Specter Ghost. To recreate this spooky ghost, you will need PVC pipe, connectors, glue, chicken wire, black cloth, cheesecloth, thin gauge wire to affix the cloth to the chicken wire frame, and thicker gauge wire to form the hands. The pipe will need to be staked into the ground, or you can insert it into a bucket of cement. (via Brooklyn Limestone)



5. Ghost Garden Stake Lights. Add a ghoulish glow to your garden with these spooky lighted ghosts. To DIY these ghosts, you can turn a tomato cage upside down and use an empty milk jug for the head. Fill it with a string of mini white battery-operated lights to illuminate the ghost head (mini lights with a timer can be found on Amazon). Use an old sheet or some fabric (roughly 5 feet of fabric is needed) for the ghost body. A black sharpie can be used to create spooky faces. Templates can be found online for the faces, use the keyword “template for ghost faces”. (via Lights4Fun)



6. A Life-Size Spooky Ghost. This Halloween ghost is designed using cheesecloth and other budget-friendly items. Simply hang it from your tree or the ceiling of your front porch to give your trick-or-treaters a fright. Items you will need to DIY this ghost include: 6-8 packages of cheesecloth, a large foam ball, 2 small foam balls, a paint roller extension pole, 2 yardsticks, a hammer, 2 short large-headed nails, a jug of Sta-Flo liquid starch, empty spray bottle, a sheet of black felt, scissors, fabric glue, a large sewing needle, and fishing line. Check out the provided link for the full how-to tutorial. (HGTV)


7. Tomato Cage Glowy Ghosts. The materials to make this DIY include: 2 tomato cages, 2 – 8″ foam balls from Joanne Fabrics, 1 white twin sheet from Walmart cut in half, battery-operated lights, zip ties, safety pins, and black felt (+white for pupils, or use paper). To make these, affix the foam balls to the tomato cages. Cut the bedsheet in half and iron it out. Wrap the tomato cage with the string lights (battery-operated and on a timer) and secure it with zip ties. The safety pins can be used to fasten the bedsheet in the back. Form the eyes and mouth with felt and the pupils with white paper. Affix them to the sheet with hot glue. (via @livingwithlady)


8. Hanging Ghosts. These Pottery Barn ghost knock-offs are budget-friendly and will be sure to delight your trick-or-treaters. To create these ghosts you will need: Styrofoam balls (8″, 6″, 4″), black craft paint, a small paint brush, cheesecloth (roughly 2 yards per ghost, in 1-yard squares, for a total of 6 yards), zinc-plated steel eye screw (3 pack), and glue. To begin this project, you will want to paint the black eyes on the ball and glue the eye screw to the top of the head. Cut the cheesecloth to drape over the heads and shred the bottoms with scissors. Affix with string or fishing line. Get more detailed instructions from the provided link. (via Simply Designing)



9. Packing Tape Ghost. Adding an illuminated packing tape ghost to your outdoor Halloween decor will surely give your neighbors and trick-or-treaters a fright! This DIY project is simple to make. You will need clear packing tape (3 rolls) and either a mannequin or dress form or even a real person to shape the ‘body’. Wrap your form with the packing tape, sticky side out. You will also need LED lights and PVC Pipes or any stand kind of stand you have available. TIP: Affix white plastic bags to the ghost as part of its dress or even as hair to create movement (see the second image above). Get the detailed instructions at the provided link. (via Ideas2Live4)


10. Halloween Ghost Decorations. This easy DIY craft requires just a few materials to create a spooky front porch for your guests. All you need is a 6″ foam ball, a tomato cage, a rubber band (to clasp tomato cage ends together), twisty ties, white string lights, black felt (or duck tape for the eyes and mouth), white sheets (at least 5-feet), scissors, and spray adhesive. To get the full tutorial, check out the provided link. (via Thrift Diving)


11. Chicken Wire Ghost. This towering ghost is made using chicken wire mesh. To create this crafty DIY, you will need garden gloves, wire cutters, scissors, and pliers. For the materials, you will need chicken wire mesh, black fabric, tulle fabric, and wire. TIP: Iluminate your ghost to make it extra spooky with LED battery-operated string lights on a timer or use a light projector. (via Wire Fence)


12. Floating Head Hanging Ghosts. These floating ghost heads will be extra creepy to add to your Halloween decor this year. To make these ghosts, you will need FloraCraft® foam heads, FloraCraft® StyroCutter Plus® (to trim the necks of the heads), 3 yards cheesecloth per head, cut into 2 sections, Mod Podge, a foam brush, eyelet screws (1 per ghost), glue, and a spool of fishing line. Get more details instructions at the provided link. TIP: Add LED hanging string lights to illuminate the cheesecloth from underneath the heads for a spooky look when the lights go down. (via Simply Designing)


13. Chicken Wire Cheesecloth Ghost. This scary life-size ghost would make the perfect host for a Halloween bash. To DIY this project you will need four packages of cheesecloth, chicken wire, spray adhesive, wire, a Halloween plastic skull, a cup hook, an S-hook (for hanging), fishing line, wire cutters, a drill (with a small drill bit), and a plastic chain from a Halloween supply store. You will need to create the body form with chicken wire and cover it with cheesecloth. Drill a hole in the plastic skull for the S-hook to hang with fishing wire from a tree. Add your party table and snacks for this spooky host. (via DIY Show Off)


14. Cloaked Ghosts. These spooky ghosts can be placed anywhere in your yard. The one with the eerie lantern can guide trick-or-treaters up to your front door or be set above the candy dish… help yourself if you dare! Cheesecloth (black cheesecloth for the face) and skeleton hands, and PVC pipe form the main structure of these ghosts, which are supported by a wood stand. Check out the link for more images of the process that went into creating these ghosts. TIP: The cheesecloth can be purchased in various colors at a Halloween supply store or on Amazon. (via Grim Graham on Flickr)



15. DIY Hanging Ghost Lantern. These spooktacular ghosts were made by using a heat gun to shape a piece of thin plastic (16″ x 20″ sheet from Hobby Lobby). into the form of a ghost. You will then spray the ghost shape with white spray paint, and add some eyes and a mouth with permanent vinyl in matte black. To illuminate the ghost, you will need an LED Candelabra Light Bulb, 40w (for outdoor use), a Candelabra Keyless Socket, and a lamp cord. To get the complete how-to instructions, click the provided link. (via Simply Designing)


16. Skeleton Ghost Lawn Decor. This DIY skeleton is covered with cheesecloth and propped up using either a PVC pipe or a lawn stake. Large branches with fall leaves provide the backdrop for this spooky ghost skeleton. (via Designferia)


17. Hanging Balloon Ghosts. These budget-friendly ghosts are simple to make and fun for the whole family. All you need to make these spooky ghosts are white balloons, gauze, duct tape, and string. Use a black sharpie to draw the faces on the blown up balloons. You can hang the ghosts from your trees, your front porch, on shepherd’s hooks lining your driveway or walkway. They will sway in the breeze and add an errie look to your property. (via DIY Network)



18. Ghost Family Piñata Party. Hang a family of ghosts from a tree on your property or your front porch. These can be used for decor or to use for your Halloween party filled with treats. The supplies you will need include: balloons, liquid corn starch and strips of newspaper. To decorate your ghost piñatas after they dry, you will need white paint, tissue paper, black felt, and Elmer’s glue. To make these, blow up your balloon and dip strips of newspaper in cornstarch. Lay the strips on the surface of the balloon till it is covered. Let dry. Get more instructions from the provided link. (via A Beautiful Mess)


19. Ghost Leaf Bags. A graveyard of spooky ghosts, headstones, and a spooky cheesecloth ghost hanging from the tree. To make the ghost leaf bags, you will need 13-gallon white kitchen garbage bags and some raked leaves to fill them up. Place them on the ground, opening-side down, and draw faces on them with a permanent black marker. Layer in the headstones for an extra spooky effect. A fog machine and some eerie lights would enhance the spooky feel of this outdoor Halloween decor. (via Everyday Art)


20. Creepy Baby Ghosts. Add baby ghosts hanging from your trees to scare your trick-or-treaters. Made using clear packing tape, try integrating battery-powered mini lights on a timer into the ghosts for an extra spooky effect. Get the how-to tutorial for these ghost babies. To complete the look, add some adult-size ghosts below the baby ghosts. (via Ideas2Live4)


21. Halloween Hanging Ghosts. These floating fabric ghosts will surely give your guests a fright. They can be hung from a tree, a shepherd’s hook, a light post, or from your front porch. To create this project you will need a white paper lantern (try World Market or Amazon), white fabric, black felt or foam sheet, scissors, fabric glue or hot glue gun and glue sticks, shepherd’s hooks for hanging (optional), string or twine. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via HGTV)


22. Holding Hands Ghosts. These ghosts will surely give your trick-or-treaters a fright and they are super easy to make. All you need is some inexpensive plastic drop cloths, white paper, newspaper, or even leaves to stuff the heads; 6 or 8 Lengths of rebar- 3 to 4 feet high; clear packing tape and a bunch of outdoor white Christmas lights with a long extension cord (to simulate a firepit). Get the how-to tutorial at the provided link. (via The Pink Pixie Forest)


23. Lighted Ghosts. You can easily re-create these spooky yard ghosts with some white fabric such as a twin bed sheet (you will need roughly 5 feet of material), black felt, or a sharpie for the faces. If you use black felt, you will need to purchase spray adhesive from your local art supply store. A tomato cage turned upside down can be used for the body and a round styrofoam ball for the head. Affix string lights to the tomato cage, and set on a timer to illuminate it in the evening. Try a fog machine for a spooky effect. (via Grandin Road)


24. White Fabric Ghosts. Use some lawn stakes, sheer white fabric, ribbon, white styrofoam balls, and felt (for the face) to create this fun ghost family to greet your trick-or-treaters on your front lawn. (via Better Homes & Gardens)


25. Hanging Spooky Ghosts. These ghosts can be hung from anywhere on your property, lining a pathway, your driveway, or along your fence. All you need is some cheesecloth, a white styrofoam ball, shepherd’s hooks (for hanging), and something to form the faces (black felt, black sharpie, or black duck tape). Add some lanterns to create a spooky effect in the evening. (via Pinterest)


26. Trick or Treat Entryway. Greet your guests with some spooky ghosts using tomato cages turned upside down and some white sheets. A pair of “Trick or Treat” signs, pumpkins, spiders, and a black duct tape cobweb on the ground complete the look. (via Pocket Full of Sawdust)


27. Cheesecloth Mannequin Heads. These creepy ghosts will be sure to creep out your guests and can be placed anywhere in your yard. To recreate, simply purchase a trio of mannequin heads, some cheesecloth, spray adhesive, black dye (for the eyes), and a long garden stake to prop them up. (via Pinterest)


28. Spooky Skull Ghosts. This thrifty DIY is super easy to make and will be sure to add a spooky touch to your house for Halloween. The materials you will need include: plastic skulls, eyelet hooks, cheesecloth (roughly 2 yards per ghost), Mod Podge (local craft store), foam brush, and transparent fishing wire. TIP: Attach fish weights to the ends to keep them tame on windier days. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Crafting My Home)


29. Ghostly Guards. Using planters at your front door, turn a pair of tomato cages upside down and zip-tie the stakes together. A large foam ball is placed into the spikes to secure for the head. Affix twinkle lights to the tomato cage. Cover with a white sheet and add two peel-and-stick felt eyes onto the sheet. Add several layers of cheesecloth on top for a more authentic ghostly look. Place the entire structure into a large planter accenting your front door. The string lights can either be plug-in or battery-operated on a timer. (via HGTV)


30. Pumpkin Head Ghost. The ghastly pumpkin ghost will be sure to frighten your neighbors and trick-or-treaters this Halloween. You will need a lot of large white sheets, a foam pumpkin head, and a large skeleton frame to create this spooky pumpkin ghost. (via Imgur)


31. Outdoor Hanging Ghosts. These spooky ghosts will add the perfect touch to your front door decor. All you need is some cheesecloth, round foam balls, spray adhesive, and something for the eyes — peel-and-stick black felt, black sharpie, or duct tape. Hang from your ceiling with a fishing line or invisible hanging wire (Michaels Stores). (via Curbly)

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